• NetBidz is an online auction marketing service platform that brings buyers and sellers together to help produce a true market price for your asset. NetBidz offers a full range of online auction services from farmland, residential, commercial and consignment auctions. You name it and we will create an auction molded specifically for your needs. Each auction requires a unique marketing skillset. NetBidz is co-owned by Realty ONE Group Solitude and Stortz Auction Company. This relationship creates a combination of the skills and resources needed to market your property at a high level. Internet marketing has become the number one place for people to go to find properties. NetBidz aims to stay on the cutting edge with internet marketing. We know it can make all the difference between selling success and failure.



  • As the internet brought us the capability to connect with people all over the world in a blink of an eye, it also opens the possibility of having a larger audience at a real estate auction. Online Auctions offer an opportunity to market your property worldwide and in real-time live via the internet. This allows us to advertise your property and reach more buyers than you can possibly imagine! With a standard auction, people have to travel to attend and there are many factors that contribute to attendance like proximity, weather, day and time of the auction and these factors may negatively affect the overall attendance. By incorporating an online auction and making available your high-value items to online bidders, you have created a whole new network of possible bidders that otherwise would not have existed.

  • Sellers can achieve a reachable market previously unheard of by traditional onsite auctions in order to get the best price for their item. By aggressively marketing our auctions to the worldwide internet market, it allows our auctions to achieve a true market price for the auctioned real estate or item. This broader market place helps sellers achieve the best possible price for their property.

  • Buyers not only get the convenience and ease of bidding online but are able to participate in auctions that would normally occur hours away. They have immediate access to a large selection of items to bid on with the click of a button. No longer will a potential buyer have to be in the area of the auctions which are often held at the property itself.



  • We will meet with you, get a written description and take pictures of the auction item. The more pictures there are the better. Pictures help give a potential buyer a visual understanding of the item or items they are considering. You will have the option of leaving your item or items at your home location or placing it on our auction lot. If you choose to leave it at your home location, all potential buyers will be able to contact you to make arrangements to view the item prior to or during the auction. From here, it is our job to market your property through pre-auction advertising. We utilize the power of the internet, social media, print ads, sale bills, radio, newspaper, trade magazines and email blasts to all our registered bidders. Our registered bidder list grows with each auction we have. Currently, we have registered bidders from all over the Midwest. It is free and easy to create a bidder profile. Each time there is an online auction, you will receive an email alert letting you know of the upcoming auction. If you do not have internet access, contact us and we will bid for you and keep you informed by phone of the highest bid amount.


  • Our mission is to provide the most trusted and simple to use online auction experience for our customers.